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Upcoming features
What's up, fellow customers! We are now announcing new upcoming designs both funny and very catchy. Also stay tuned for our latest releases of all sportswear and clothing products such as caps, pants, and other apparel. Also, we are currently expanding to other Sportswear apparel. Make sure to stay tuned with our Social Media or on Facebook @titosportsofficial.
Recommendations for use

We recommend you, the customer, make sure to either wash any clothing product purchased before wearing and/or wear something below the newly fabricated top before using for the first time, to avoid any itchiness and/or non-desired first time effects. This is since all of our inventory is designed and fabricated days previous to the product being shipped to the customer and is not touched or even used during this period of shipping, therefore making any clothing product susceptible to itchiness when in the first contact with skin. After being washed once or twice, this should not be a factor.
Feel free to contact us at tito@titosports.com with any questions. 

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